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Mrs Ida Bere, 40 with a glass of water she has collected from a local river bed. <br />
She says: 'It is very difficult for me and my family. I've got teenage girls that I send from home to fetch water and it's quite a distance. My fear is that it's very dangerous having a girl child moving around, passing through thick forest and hilly places. That scares me. I always have this fear that at any given time my two girls might face danger.<br />
'The time that we are walking up and down to fetch water is productive time that is wasted. If we could get water nearer to our village it would reduce the amount of trips and that time could be used to do at least something that would uplift out livelihoods. <br />
'We waste a lot of time going to clinics because we have to drink dirty water. That time would be useful. If our children were healthy that time could be used doing more productive activities.<br />
'My girls are school going age, they need to read, do their homework and concentrate on their school work. But because they have to do these trips to fetch water, they don't have enough time to do this. That affects their performance at the end of the day. <br />
'My hope is that if they could proceed with their education, get a good education, better their lives. My desire is that they go to school, they get a good education and they become better people.'