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Noah Oletey (12) being woken at 3:00am by Pele Akunku, a relative under whose care he lives and his fishing 'master'. <br />
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Noah and his brother, Vincent (14), spend up to six nights a week working on fishing canoes on Lake Volta. Rising at 03:00am, they they prepare their equipment and head onto the open water to empty and reset traps, or empty nets that have been set the night before, returning to shore around the middle of the day. It is taxing and extremely dangerous work, they have no safety equipment, and endure the risk of capsizing in the darkness due to the numerous submerged and partially-submerged tree stumps that rise up from the lake bed. When they are not doing unpaid work for the relative with whom they live, they work as hired hands, earning GHS 2.00 - 5.00 (GBP 0.24 - 0.61) per night. Both boys have very little education, as they only attend school when they are able to earn enough money to pay their own way, and when their work permits it.