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23 year old Jami, a failed asylum seeker from Somalia, walks the streets of London. He originally fled with his mother to Saudi Arabia, where he stayed illegally, but after his mother's death he stowed away on a ship bound for the UK. On arrival in June 2004 he claimed asylum, but in January 2005 his claim was refused. That was the last time he slept in a bed. He has lived destitute for more than three years, often sleeping outside. Finding enough money and food to survive is extremely difficult. Someone offered him false papers in 2006 so that he could get a job to support himself. He got a job working in a storeroom of a large retail outlet but the police caught him and told him if he ever tried to work again he would face three to five years in jail. Since then he has never dared to work, although he is young, healthy and would love to get a job. "I've got stomach problems from eating bad food. I need physiotherapy for the injury the Saudi police caused to me when they beat me and I suffer from depression and have counselling for mental health problems. Destitution has taught me that you have to be patient. Life is a jungle. There is no help so you have to help yourself. It's hard to understand what destitution feels like unless you've been through it. I am no longer human. You know how people are buried in graves, that is my life. I am walking dead." .Jami is one of an estimated 300,000 failed asylum seekers living in the UK.