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© Dieter Telemans / Panos Pictures..Muynak, Aral Sea, UZBEKISTAN..Beketay, 76, renowned as "the best fisherman in the Soviet Union,? but who now has no fish to catch. .?Here was a sea heated by the Aral Sea and full of fish. The water here used to be so pure we could see the fish swimming?. Beketay peered from his threshold at the.desolate plain in front of his house in Ucgsay, which used to be a peninsula for the Aral Sea coast.  Until the 1960s, Beketay lived a stone?s throw from the incoming.waves. Further on is a swamp full of reeds in which fish suffocated. The fisherman received the spacious house from his kolkhoz as an award for ?years of service at sea?. With a trembling hand he dug out two portraits of himself with his chest full of medals, ?earned as the ?Best Fisherman of the Soviet Union? he says proudly. ?I received it because I caught 30 tonnes of fish in my nets?, he says, adding, ?five tonnes more than the compulsory 25 tonnes under then yearly plan.. One of his last nets was hanging in the garden where has was raising chickens. He saves the eggs for the youngest of his 30 grandchildren. ?I have to as my six children have nothing else?, he says.  ?There is nothing else for them: no sea, no fish, no work and nothing more to eat. I would like to take my grandchildren by the hand to teach them how to hunt for geese and fish, just as my father taught me. However, it is nearly time for me to die. "Photo:  Dieter Telemans / Panos Pictures/Felix Features