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Tsuruko Suzuki, whose Korean name is Ri Pom Sun, was born in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan in 1929. Tsuruko met her Korean husband who was living next door to her family. However her father was against their marriage. ''Since I came to Korea with my family, my husband was working at a chemical fertilizer factory, about 20 minutes from home. I didn't do any special work because I was sick for many years. But I still did some farming and raised cabbage, radish, etc. in a small farm field in front of my house. Since coming to Korea in 1960, I have never visited Japan. I used to contact my Japanese family and I was informed that my mother died at the age of 80. But I don't know how they are living now... I would like to visit Japan and especially would like to visit my family's grave before I die. Every time I feel sick, my Japanese family naturally comes to my mind and I start missing them so much.''