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Friends and fellow activists organize a memorial at the place where Susana Chavez was killed in central Juarez and march to the International bridge where there is a monument for the slain women. Susana Chavez was a well now activist and poet who was the driving force against the campaign to stop the killings of women and bring the perpetrators to justice. Chavez helped popularize the slogan  'Ni Una Mas'  - 'Not One More Death' as part of a campaign to bring attention to the killings of hundreds of women in Juarez. The women were raped, strangled and dumped in the desert for 10 years starting in 1993. Most of the cases were never solved, in part because the authorities never launched serious investigations. Chavez was killed on January 6 2011 by three young teenagers who were drunk and drugged according to the official report. Authorities say there was no link to her work as an activist. It took a few days for her body to be found and identified....