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Peninah Mamayi, the Health Prefect at Achilet Primary School, revising for exams at her home. As Health Prefect she educates her peers on a range of health and hygiene issues, including menstrual hygiene. She says: 'I wanted to be a health prefect so I could help my friends be clean. I teach them about cleaning their latrines at home, keeping their compounds clean at home, cutting their hair and fingernails, washing their clothes. I tell them that after they pick rubbish they should wash their hands. I tell them to be bathing daily so that they don't smell. And to wash their Afripads very well, and to dry them very well.' An Afripads user herself, she says Afripads (locally manufactured reusable sanitary pads) 'have improved my life because they don't disturb me, and I can just sit and be comfortable. Even if I play or I jump, nothing happens.'