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Onlookers during a 7th Street Sideshow, an illegal gathering of car and motorbike enthusiasts who come together to perform stunts and hold street drag races. In the Bay Area, deep in East Oakland, back in the 1990s enthusiasts began to meet up in empty parking lots and spin circles in their cars until the police came to stop them. The Sideshow, they called it. Elaborate and boisterous stunt driving. Back then it was about the cars more than the skill of the drivers but the goal was still the same. It was about making a statement. A loud and smokey announcement with the simple message: 'All eyes on me.' The Sideshows are louder than ever and for the participants an activity that keeps them away from other more nefarious activities in one of the country's most dangerous neighbourhoods. For them, the Sideshow is their safe zone. Its a place where you show up and show off. And when the cops turn up, you drive off to the next spot where you do it all over again.