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Liu Hua holds a photograph of herself and her 16 year old son Yang Li. He was killed by the Sichuan earthquake. "He likes sports, especially basketball. I live not too far away from the school, a few kilometres. When the quake happened I was at home and I rushed to the school. I didn't know how serious it was as the damage to our house was pretty small. My husband was in Chengdu where he works and he came here and he found my son's body at 8pm. Our house is fine, just a few cracks in the house and we'll set about repairing it soon. I work on a market stall and life has to go on of course, but my mental state is seriously damaged. I'll never recover in my life, this will be with me forever, and for me things will never get back to normal. How am I supposed to recover from this? It's a huge shock. We're not rich people, we are poor people, it was tough for us to raise him." Over 300 students died in Juyuan Middle School when an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale hit the area on 12/05/2008.