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© Dieter Telemans / Panos Pictures..Dakar, SENEGAL..Rappers Xuman (left) of the ?Pee Froiss? group, ?Abbas? and Maryam of the ?ALIF? group, in preparation for a concert in Lille, France. ?Pee Froiss? is one of the few Senegalese rap groups that enjoy an international reputation. Xuman, in contrast to most of his colleagues, believes that they can learn a lot from Europeans. ?In our community all that glitters is gold: external appearance has become fundamental. We boast about our teranga, our hospitality, but it really isn?t much but a show of wealth. Yes, we spend fortunes, not for education or health services, but for naming ceremonies for our children. We want our own festivities to be more magnificent and count more guests than our neighbours. I sometimes die with shame.? Photo:  Dieter Telemans / Panos Pictures/Felix Features