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Refugees walk along a track next to fields on their way to the Slovenian border, lit by the light from a Croatian policeman's torch. The refugees and migrants had earlier disembarked from a special train at Kljuc Brdovecki. They had been brought by train, a five hour journey, mostly from Tovarnik Station, which is a bus ride from Opatovac Registration Camp close to the Serbian border. From the station they must then walk with their belongings, and often with small children, through the village to a bridge over the Sutla River two kilometers away. After this they must walk across the border into Slovenia, through fields to Rigonce where they will be held by Slovenian authorities until space is available in a registration centre. The temperatures are only just above zero, and a smell of rubbish burning on fires lit for warmth at Rigonce hangs in the foggy air. /Felix Features