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Dave Heimbold, chairman of the St Augustine Tea Party (SATP). Talking about the US Presidential election that will be held on 6 November, 2012, he says: 'Why are the Republicans not addressing the fact that Obama is a communist? Especially in Florida, in Little Havana. There are just a few people with courage to tell it like it is. There are just 14 people on our committee. But just one person can change the world. The 'Forward' sign (used by the Obama campaign) is a rallying cry from the universal communists and fascists. People all over the world - Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Cuba - are very sensitive to this word. Communists in China - Lenin, Marx, Castro. It's recognised by everyone on the Left with the exception of this generation of Americans. It's Obama's slogan, with his personal logo in the middle. Do we need any more evidence than this that this man is calling socialists all around the world? He's very popular in Europe. He's loved in South America. It's just 9 out of 10 people here who want Obama out. Don't believe the polls. People look at us as warriors. 'Shared prosperity' is just enforced redistribution. The lowering of expectation. If we are going to pick up Romney and carry him across the line, we're going to do it.' ..