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Former Russian soldier Andrei Sychyov exercises at his home in Yekaterinburg. Sychyov was a victim of 'hazing' (known in Russia as Dedovshchina), a violent, often ritualistic set of tasks performed often as a way of initiation into a social group - in this case the Army. The definition can refer to either physical (usually violent) or mental (often degrading) practices. On 31 December 2005, Sychyov was beaten for three hours by his seniors. Sychyov, then aged 19, was forced to squat for four hours with his hands tied behind his back while a sergeant beat him. On the 4th of January 2006, Sychyov attempted to receive medical attention, but was unsuccessful. Only a few days later, due to the worsening of his health, he was transferred to the city hospital, where he was diagnosed with numerous broken bones, trauma to the genital area and gangrene of the legs. As a result of the gangrene in his legs, and lack of timely medical attention, doctors had to amputate both his legs, genitalia and a finger.