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27 year old Chavilimma Rekhe Naik, with her sons 24 year old Nagabushana and 13 year old Anand in the village of Padulavandlapally in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Her husband, a farmer, committed suicide by hanging himself in 2000 because of the debts he had incurred. Chavilimma now has over 50,000 rupees of debt that she is trying to pay off, having borrowed further to lease land to grow crops, which ultimately failed due to the drought. She depends on day-labouring work from other farmers to keep her boys in school and is worried that with further droughts there will be no work for her. "How will I support this family, I have tension, I can't sleep," she says. "We are adjusting and sometimes we sleep without food, I am worried what will happen if I get ill. Agony is there. I have to live, I have no second option, my sons are good students. I hope we will see happy days again."