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Mae Duke, president of the Democratic club at Century Village a large retirement community in West Palm Beach, Florida. Talking about the upcoming presidential election she says: 'Getting the vote out is our main issue, why we exist and why we work so hard. The history in this country of getting support from the government in difficult times is totally from the Democratic Party. We have a different philosophy from the Republicans who feel the government has no responsibility to the citizens, except defense. Whatever social security we have now started with President Roosevelt. Ever since then, 1934, the the Republicans have worked to repeal it, it's against their philosophy.  It's shameful that we are one of the few developed countries in the world with no national health care program. Something like 48-60 million Americans have no coverage. Obama has tried to change that but for the last 4 years everything the Republicans have done is to make him a 1 term president and they want to get rid of Obamacare. The Republicans throw out misinformation at election time in the hope that people who don't read and are not informed will be swayed. All the money for the elections comes from drug companies and they actually write the bills for Congress. The larger the corporation, the more they spend to protect their own interests. That's the story. And we waste so much money on wars that could have been spent on health care. We needed to be in Iraq like I need to be in a bikini on T.V. You can quote me on that'.