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Ahmed (name changed to protect his identity), 70, poses for a portrait in the Domiz refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Ahmed fled Syria with his wife and eight of their nine children approximately four months before this photograph was taken, when their family home in Damascus was destroyed in an attack. Together with four other families - 50 people in all - they escaped in the back of an open-topped truck after covering themselves with plastic sheeting. Many hours later they arrived in Derik City, where they spent 20 days before continuing on to the Iraqi border. Ahmed's one son who remained behind was killed in late October 2012. Following an explosion, he ran into the street to help an injured friend, only to be killed in a second blast..The most important thing Ahmed was able to bring with him is the cane he holds in this photograph. Without it, he says, he would not have made the two-hour crossing on foot to the Iraqi border. 'The only other thing I have left is this finger,' he said. 'All I want now is for my family to find a place where they can be safe and stay there forever. Never should we need to flee again.'