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An employee works on masks at a garment factory owned by the sister of Gisel Villagomez, 33, who works there as a project and contracting manager. <br />
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Gisel is a DACA recipient and an essential worker who came to the United States from Mexico when she was two years old. She is the project and contracting manager in her sister's garment factory, 3K Apparel Inc. The factory has produced of 100,000 masks and 85,000 reusable protective gowns throughout the pandemic. When she was 18, her mother and sister were deported to Mexico. At that point she had to drop out of college to pay the bills. She was hiding in the house during the ICE raid that took her mother and says she has PTSD from that incident, and often has nightmares of ICE raids. She was picked up by ICE and a bus took her south towards the border. Amazingly, the bus pulled over and she was freed at the last minute. Although she has DACA, she says she feels like she is living in a cage, and the cage is the United States. Gisel says it feels like people on both sides shame her. The conservatives say she shouldn't be in the USA, and the undocumented people feel jealous that she has a work permit.