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Rev Bob Setzer of Knollwood Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (in sunglasses).debates with members of the Tea Party while visiting St Augustine, Florida. 'With most fellow Americans, you and I can have a conversation and disagree. But these people.just want to shout you down. When they call the President a communist, they are being factually untrue and disrespectful. A communist doesn't believe in private property. President Obama believes in private property. He has property of his own. Jesus loved all people and I do as.well. Basically what I really object to is the fact that they disrespect the President and they misrepresent him. It doesn't serve civil democracy at all. Voices like theirs are divisive. They shout down anyone who disagrees. Jesus never had any vocal objection to homosexuals or to.liberals. The people he objected to were the obnoxious, self-righteous Pharisees. Those were the people Jesus tangled with, not the homosexuals or the liberals or even the communists. They are misrepresenting what a lot of people in our country believe. They should read their.bibles. Romans Chapter 13: 'respect the governing authority'. That means be respectful of the governing authority. They show no respect when they call my President a communist. That's a clear violation of scripture.' This local chapter of the Tea Party has fallen out with the Republicans who want to tone down their rhetoric. The Tea Party members have refused to be co-opted and brought into the Republican fold although they say they will still vote for Romney, to prevent the 'communist' Obama from being re-elected. They also believe Obama is doing the work o