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Karea Tioti, 46, a member of Te Toa Matoa Disability Organisation on his on a tricycle wheelchair on a beach near the 'maneaba', a traditional I-Kiribati community house, where all members of the organisation sleep at night.<br />
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Karea says: 'Every time during King tides, when the sea water comes, we are not prepared. We don't really know where to go, so we stay inside our 'maneaba'. Sometimes water covers our floor and makes our things wet. But the main problem for us is water around our 'maneaba'. We get surrounded by the sea water and it's difficult for us to move around on wheelchairs or crunches, or for blind people to walk, to buy food or use a toilet. We just stay inside and wait for a few days till the water goes back to the sea. Usually this happens once a year, but in 2015 this happened two times. We have this fear that it will start happening more frequently.'