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14 year old Jacques has recently moved together with his family to a camp built by the UNHCR for returned refugees in the province of Ruyigi. His parents left Burundi during the war of 1972. They lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania where the father died of Aids. Jacques was born in Tanzania as a normal child, but when he was three years old he got a high fever, which led to the loss of the use of his legs. Recently the family was ordered to return to Burundi where they received a house. The mother complains that she is suffering from pain in her legs and she can't work. She doesn't know what she is suffering from but is unable to go to a health centre as she has no money for medical aid. During the first three months the family received a financial contribution for returned refugees but that money is now gone. A week ago Jacques received a tricycle from Handicap International. This will hopefully allow him to do some work, bring an income for the family and return to school.