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29 year old Alejandro Guerra lost his father, Marco Aurelio Guerra, his best friend, on January 5th, 1998, and had to take responsibility for the finances of his family. His mother, 66 year old Rosalba de Guerra calls into the radio program Voices of Kidnapping (Voces del Secuetro) in hope of still finding him. Marco Aurelio Guerra was 75 when he was kidnapped from their farm in Tolima on January 5th, 1998 by men who they believe were members of the FARC. Rosalba was asked for 600 million pesos in ransom (USD 300,000), which the family paid via a religious figure in Medellin in May of that year, but the family never heard from them again. Alejandro holds a guitar in this picture. (Interviews available with both Alejandro and his mother).