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Karimutu and Umaru fled, Boko Haram insurgents, from their home in Gwoza (Borno State) with their five children. One night, the family climbed out the window and never looked back. They arrived in Yola exhausted, where they found shelter with Jona (right) and his family. Jona just finished the construction of a small house next to his own. He intented to rent it out as the family was struggling to survive on the harvest from the fields. Instead, Jona decided to rent the house to Umara for just a fraction of the original price. He could hardly cover the investment with the revenue, but wanted to support a family in need. The family missed the most basic equipment when they arrived. Jona and other people in the village supplied them with everything: a water container, clothes, matrasses, pots, etc. The families spend a lot of time together. They eat together and sit in the courtyard after they put the children to bed.