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Social worker, Thieck Aw writing a report about Omar Sow, a young boy staff from the Maison de la Gare, a charity that seeks to rehabilitate ex-Talibe (children who live and study the Koran at a Daara, religious school), found sleeping rough after fleeing his Daara.<br />
They ask his age, where he comes from and the daara he belongs to. He doesn't know how old he is but he counts the years by remembering the lamb festivities and thinks he is 10, more or less. <br />
He ran away from the Daara a week ago and has been working as a cart driver in the central bus station. <br />
The Talibe are forced to beg to raise money for the Marabouts (Koranic teachers at the Daara) and are often beaten and left alone in the streets if they do not earn enough. They are not usually fed but must beg to get food or starve.