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Leen Jonker (born 1916), a Dutch veteran of World War II (WW2). He was a gunner on a Mitchell bomber in the Dutch 320 squadron that was stationed in England.."On 25 October 1943, we flew to France to bomb an airfield. The Germans were firing at us from the ground.  Our plane took a direct hit and I was seriously wounded.  My right arm was almost severed and was just hanging on by a bit of skin.  I'd also been shot in my right buttock and my left foot.  The glass gun turret where I was sitting was smashed so I was sitting in the open air.  I couldn't get out, so we flew back to England like that.  I was hospitalized for nine months.  My friends weren't allowed to come and see me: the commanders were afraid that they wouldn't want to fly any more if they saw me like that.  Luckily they were able to put my arm back on again."."In the hospital I got a letter from Queen Wilhelmina with the Flying Cross.  I was a bit disappointed, because a decoration like that was usually awarded personally by Prince Bernhard or by the Queen herself.  I did get a personal visit from King George and his wife.  King George said that I'd been brave.  Later, I received many cards from the British Queen while I was in hospital.  After the war I was awarded the Insignia for Wounded Veterans.  I've also got the 1940-1945 War Cross and a medal for 36 years of service. There are a lot of veterans walking around with medals and I wonder whether they really earned them.  I did earn my medals and I'm proud of them.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA