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A portrait of a 24 year old Yazidi woman who was captured by Islamic State (IS) on 3 August 2014 and was sold to several fighters during her captivity, including an IS fighter in Raqqa in Syria. She was repeatedly beaten with sticks, given electric shocks  and raped. One day an IS fighter pushed her off the top of the stairs and she fell down, breaking her leg. Then she was told to take a shower and when she refused she was forcibly undressed and made to take a shower. After this she was locked into a room for the night on her own. <br />
Her captor often made her take sleeping pills when he went to Kobane to fight in order to make sure that she wouldn't run away. One day, he asked her if she wanted something from the market. She said - I would like to take sleeping pills. The next morning, she put the pill in his breakfast. When she was sure that the IS fighter was asleep, she covered herself in black clothes and ran away from the house. She took a taxi and gave the driver a mobile she stole from the IS fighter. When she was dropped off by the taxi, she ran to a house and asked people for help. After she had eaten a meal at the house, she walked to the Turkish border. She was finally able to escape from IS in January 2015. Most of her family member including her parents, four brothers and two sister are still in IS captivity.