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Retired sheriff Alberto Augusto, 72, of the Brazilian Interventionist Resistence Movement (MBRI), who is wearing his grandfather's helmet from 1932, at their headquarters, called PR 1 - Sergeant Mario Kozel Filho Military Interventionist Camp, a radical group that wants military intervention of the government.<br />
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Their headquarters is a makeshift tarpaulin camp situated on an island in the middle of Sergeant Mario Kozel Filho Avenue, between the State Legislative Assembly and the Ministry of the Military. <br />
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Augusto holds a book, called Orvil (which is book spelled backwards in Portuguese ). After the end of the military dictatorship (1 April, 1964 to 15 March, 1985), a military commission produced a report on the events that occurred between 1964 and 1985 during the military's armed conflict with the left. It was developed in secrecy over three years and completed in 1988.