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49 year old Anne brushes her hair before going to the Congolese church in North London who help her with food and a little money every now and again. She came to the UK from DR Congo in 2002 and claimed asylum. She had been detained and beaten for condemning the forced recruitment of child soldiers after her son was taken by rebel forces and her husband killed. On the second occasion she was raped by the rebels. After forming a women's group to protest against rebel activity she was forced to watch, paralysed with horror, as three of the women in her group were buried alive by the rebels. Following the rejection of her asylum claim Anne spent the next three years living in total destitution, much of the time sleeping outside. One night she was attacked by a white gang while she was sleeping on a park bench in Sunderland - two of the gang members raped her. She survived on an average of three GBP a week, or five on a good week. Anne is one of an estimated 300,000 rejected asylum seekers living in the UK.