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Retired sheriff Alberto Augusto, 72, centre, reads a book, called Orvil (which is book spelled backwards in Portuguese), with his son, Alberto Augusto Filho, 60, (right), Joyce Torres, 22, (left) and Sergio Veber, 51, (centre left), all members of the of the Brazilian Interventionist Resistence Movement (MBRI) at their headquarters, called PR 1 -Sergeant Mario Kozel Filho Military Interventionist Camp, a radical group that wants military intervention in the government.<br />
Their headquarters is a makeshift camp of tarps situated on an island in the middle of Sargeant Mario Kozel Filho Avenue, between the State Legislative Assembly and the Ministry of the Military, in Sao Paulo.<br />
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After the end of the military dictatorship (1 April, 1964 to 15 March, 1985), a military commission produced a report on the events that occurred between 1964 and 1985 during the military's armed conflict with the left. It was developed in secrecy over three years and completed in 1988.