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Mark P. Fletcher talks about the upcoming presidential election in Lake Worth, Florida: 'I was in prison so I can't vote. Some guy owed me money and I went to his house to collect it. He wasn't there. I walked in the front door and out the back but a neighbour reported me to the police and I was charged with attempted robbery and given 5 years probation. Later I got in a fight with my girlfriend. She called the police and I had to go to the station for questioning. They found a pack of rolling papers on me and said it was drug parphenelia and a violation of my probation. I ended up getting 2 years in prison.They gave me a court appointed lawyer, he was a marriage lawyer, not criminal. I was in a minimum custody unit but there was no rehabilitation program and they wouldn't let me  get any work. Rick Scott (Florida's governor) is shutting all the rehab. down to save money. They just kick people out on the street after they do their time. They used to give people $100 but now it's just $50 and 'good luck' And they closed down all the transitional houses due to cuts in funding. We need to get Rick Scott out of office, but I can't vote.'