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A portrait of a 36 years old Yazidi woman who was captured by Islamic State (IS) on the 3 August.  <br />
IS held the woman with a group of other villagrs and then separated the men from the women. They stole gold, mobile phones and cars from Yazidis and then killed many men by shooting them. The woman was taken to Mosul and then to Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of Islamic State, where she was brought to a wedding hall with many other young women. 'I was sent to a house and ordered to do the cleaning of the bathroom, etc.' There were about 300 women from other countries who had joined IS. After one week she was moved to the house of an IS fighter from Australia whose wife was also from Australia. 'One day when the fighter was away I was able to borrow a phone from his wife and I called my brother to tell him where I was.' She was rescued and brought to Turkey by changing cars several times. Her father and two brothers were killed and her mother is still in IS captivity.