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War survivor Juana Lorenzo, 45, selects and cleans ears of corn recently harvested in the 15 de Octubre La Trinidad community. Her family are war survivors from Huehuetenango who have lived the community's plight as refugees in Mexico, returnees, and now victims of Fuego Volcano. She states: ''I came back in March because of the coronavirus. Over there, in the ATUs, we were so crammed, and since this is so contagious, well you can imagine. We were sharing bathrooms and the kitchen is so far from our unit. It is really hard being over there, I felt as if I was being punished and we didn't have anywhere to grow food. And with this virus, well we had no choice but to come back despite the volcano. Yes, I am scared. Very scared. I get really nervous. But we don't have any income and over there we must buy everything to eat. Us campesinos like to work the land, it feeds us. From here we will continue to fight for our right to have a community landholding.''