Zambia: Africans on Safari by Kieran Dodds

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18 year old Brian Mushamba from Chalilo school in Sereje district, on his first safari in Kasanka National Park. "To African people, animals have scenic beauty - they look beautiful - and at some point they are used as meat. Most of the parents don't even understand why a National Park should be there but my parents told me that if we didn't have NPs then we wouldn't be able to see any more species. They have never been to a National Park. My favourite animal is a zebra because of the stripes. I have only seen it in pictures not in real life."  Local schools and women's groups are regularly brought into Kasanka, which is unique in the country and unusual in Africa as it is privately managed and owned by a trust. People are able to see animals flourishing in land which was once free reign for poachers. Combined with anti-poaching scouts, the education programme is on the frontline of conservation methods in the park, showing local people wild animals in their natural habitat.