Western Sahara: The Last Colony by Andrew McConnell

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Abdullah Kheylanie, 30, driver of a water truck. Pictured on the road outside Smara refugee camp: 'The job is very difficult driving and delivering water. There is a well near Smara and we pump the water into the truck. It is salty so you cannot drink it but there is a machine that makes the water less salty. Early in the morning I get the water from the well and then deliver it to the families in Smara. Each family has a water tank near their home, some have two. The Dira [section of camp] organises it, one tank usually lasts a family eight days. The water is free, the Polisario pay me for this job, it is a very good job to have in the camps. There are three trucks in Smara and we work every day, I don't know when the well will run dry. Life here is very hard. I don't know much about the UN and politics but I know that which is taken by force and only be taken back by force. We should return to war.'.