Western Sahara: The Last Colony by Andrew McConnell

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Salima Kedi Embarec, 20. Pictured in the ruins of an old prison used to hold Moroccan soldiers captured during the war, Smara refugee camp, Algeria: 'I studied in Algeria for three years, I wish I could go to university but my mother is alone so I must be here with her. I lived in Spain for three years from 2000 to 2003; it was good. The best things were crisps, the climate, and the roads. It was very cold in winter; I wore a lot of clothes. I would like to be a film director. I don't know anything about the peace process. My wish is for independence and our people to be united. We will not be in the control of the Moroccan king. War is the best way to get independence. When you lose something by force you can only take it back by force. I would fight to get independence. Moroccans are dogs, they ousted us from our motherland, separated us, killed us, many bad things.'.