Western Sahara: The Last Colony by Andrew McConnell

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Mainaha Brahim Bahaha, 64, Bedouin woman. Pictured at her home in Mehaires, in Polisario controlled Western Sahara (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic): 'I was born in Mijek in 1945. I grew up in the desert with the animals and we were all the time moving. If we heard it was raining somewhere we would move. Everything was packed on the camels and we also rode them to the new place. After 1963 we got a car, it was not hard we just sold a few camels and bought it from Trans-Sahara. It changed life for us. Cars were very fast and we could pack a lot of things inside so it was very easy for us to move. But the camel is still the most important thing for the Bedouin. The car allows us to get things from the far away cities, like clothes, oil, flour and sugar but the milk and meat from the camel is how we survive.'.