Western Sahara: The Last Colony by Andrew McConnell

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Nagla Mohamed Lamin, 20. Pictured on a bus near Smara refugee camp, Algeria: 'It's difficult because when you start to know that this place doesn't belong to you it is always in your mind. At the same time we will miss this place because we are born here. We used to say when we are in our homeland we will return here to visit and if our house has fallen down we will say: 'I used to live there!' We would say it will be next year and every year after we would say: 'It will happen next year'. When I grew up I started to realise that this issue is very complicated and we don't know when we will go back, but we are sure that we will go one day. I have many dreams, the first to complete my English studies, I want to help my people, even in a small way, but just to do something. I would like to travel to different countries to talk about the Saharawi situation, to let people know about us, that's why I study English because English is the language of the world.' .