The Spice Islands by Chris Stowers

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Market worker with his basket walking through the main bazaar in Ambon City, where Christians and Muslims live and trade side by side. The 1999-2002 religious war between Maluku's Christian and Muslim populations, mainly centred on Ambon Island, led to over 5000 deaths and to around 500,000 people become displaced. Destroyed homes and offices, churches and mosques are slowly being either torn-down or renovated.  Urban centres, such as Ambon City, continue to be split along largely sectarian lines, and tensions are never far below the surface. Riots between Christian and Muslim youths erupted in September 2011 and, most recently, June 2012, though luckily simmered down just as quickly, partly due to community leaders learning how to defuse tensions from the earlier, more devastating, conflagration. /Felix Features