The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Victor Wilmot  (born 1920), a British veteran of World War II (WW2). ."In January 1945, sixty German planes attacked Eindhoven air base.  We, the air defence artillery, brought five of them down.  We captured two German pilots who had survived.  We took away their belts and braces so that they had to hold their trousers up and couldn't run away."."After the war, I was transferred to the occupation force in Berlin.  The locals had to help to rebuild the city.  If they refused, they didn't get any food coupons.  So they chipped away old bricks, for example.  Old women had to help too, and I felt sorry for them.  The people didn't have enough to eat.  You saw people foraging in rubbish bins looking for food.  We traded food with them. We would give them, say, chocolate, and they would give us a watch in return.  That's how I got a really nice table lighter, which I still have at home.". CHECK with MRM/FNA