The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Wawrzyniec Jaroch (born 1920), a Polish veteran of World War II (WW2).."I left Poland in January 1940.  My two friends and I wanted to go to England to liberate our country from the Germans.  Our route ran through Russia, but we were captured on the Russian border.  The Russians took us to the Urals, where we were forced to do hard labour - we had to build a railway.  Many of us died there of starvation and exhaustion.   They let me go in 1942 and I went to Iraq.  I joined the 'Free Poles' regiment that the British had set up.  We did our military training in Baghdad and Israel and then we went to South Africa.  From Johannesburg we had to take German prisoners of war from the Africa Corps to New York."."After America, we finally went to England, where we were trained as paras.  In 1944 there was an uprising in Warsaw.  That was our chance: now we could liberate Poland!  But we were disappointed: we couldn't go, because they said there wasn't enough fuel for the aircraft that were supposed to get us there.  Instead of liberating our own country, we had to fight the Germans in Holland.  After the war I didn't want to go home.  Poland had been sold out to the Russians by the Allies.  I stayed in the West and never went home again.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA