The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Walter Schaefer-Kehnert (born 1918), a German veteran of World War II (WW2).."The Russians were cruel.  At the start of the Russian campaign of 1941, we had to retreat rapidly. We were unable to take our wounded with us.  When we retook the area, we discovered that they had been murdered.  The Russians had smashed their skulls with their pioneers' shovels.  Our men were furious and didn't take any more prisoners.  All the Russian soldiers were shot, even the ones who wanted to surrender.  As a reprisal, the Russians naturally also decided to take no prisoners.  This situation continued for several weeks until both sides realised that it was counter-productive."."The Russians, who had already been taken prisoner, were never harmed although an exception was made for the political commissars.  Hitler had given an order that all commissars were to be summarily executed.  Our division also received this order but with the verbal addition that it contravened the laws of war and should therefore be ignored.  So we let the commissars live.  I once watched our soldiers arrest a truck full of Russians.  The Russian soldiers were told to surrender. One man stood up and shot himself through the head. It was the political commissar.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA