The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Willem Brandt, (born 1914), a Dutch East Indian veteran of World War II (WW2).."We had to build a railway from Thailand to Burma for the Japanese.  I was assigned to the logging crew.  We made sleepers.  Every day we got a small bowl of rice and a bit of turnip soup.  We got the rest from the forest.  We ate mice and other animals.  We saw a python get run over by a train so we ran to get the meat.  That's how we managed to avoid starvation.  Once I got back from work too late and a Korean guard smashed my teeth.  My friend Hein was late too.  His punishment was to sit in a foxhole full of water.  He got sick because of that and was dead within a week.  Among the Dutch alone 3,000 died on that railway.  For every sleeper there was a corpse."."We were liberated by the British.  In our camp, two Dutch battalions were formed straight away and we were sent to Bali and Lombok to fight insurgents.  At least in the army you got food again and you could go to sleep on time.  The army was my home.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA