The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Edward Hamilton (born 1917), an American veteran of World War II (WW2).  He trained at Westpoint military academy and was the battalion commander of the First Battalion of the 357th Infantry Regiment of the Ninth Infantry Division.."Our three mottos at Westpoint were Duty, Honour and Country, and I've always lived by those principles.  For me, cowardice is worse than death.  I've been wounded three times.  The last time, I got a piece of shrapnel in my face."."As a commander, I had soldiers who wounded themselves so that they could go home.  For instance, there was someone who shot off his toe. I made sure that soldiers like that were court-martialled and sentenced to hard labour.  I had a company commander who didn't want to serve at the front any more.  He said that he was brave when it came to himself, but he had difficulty coping with the death of his subordinates.  I demoted him to the rank of private and sent him back to the front.  That way, he could show his courage without being burdened by the responsibility for others.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA