The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Louis de Kok, (born 1920), a Dutch veteran of World War II (WW2).."When the German paras came floating down, we just watched them. They weren't doing us any harm, were they?  When the German planes started firing at us, we realised that it was war.  The commanders hadn't said anything about that at all. Only when our people were hit did we start shooting back.  We were shooting wildly at the planes and at the paras who were coming down. Looking back, I don't think we should have shot at the men while they were in the air, because it wouldn't have made any difference and those people would still have been alive.  But we were so scared, it was chaos and we were completely dazed at that time."."After the capitulation, I went home to Vlissingen. One day we were standing on the seafront watching an aerial battle between British Spitfires and German Messerschmidts.  We were standing near a German battery that was firing at the British planes.  One plane went down in the Westerschelde and the Germans were dancing and jumping for joy. Then a wing came up to the surface with a German insignia on it.  So we all started cheering and shouting.  The Germans were silent.".... CHECK with MRM/FNA