The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Praskovya Abalikhina (born 1922), a Russian veteran of World War II (WW2).."People were starving during the Siege of Leningrad.  I saw a woman working in the streets.  She started to sway a bit, then sat down and died. Because I was a telegraph operator in the army I got 300 grams of bread a day instead of the 125 grams that the ordinary civilians got.  Each day I saved some of my food and took it every five days to my family in the city centre.  I had to walk fifteen kilometres because the trams weren't running any more." ."Despite the bread that I took, my sister-in-law starved to death.  Her husband, my brother Nicolay, had already been killed.  My mother took their children in.  When I visited, they were lying on the bed, just skin and bone.  I was wounded twice myself and have an artificial leg.  I didn't get married after the war.  I had to look after my brother's children and my crippled mother.  Nobody wanted me any more.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA