The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Vernon Jones (born 1923), a British veteran of World War II (WW2). ."On D-Day, I was sitting on a landing craft on my way to Normandy.  It was my 21st birthday and the worst one of my life.  We were given breakfast right before we landed but I just couldn't eat it. I kept thinking of my mother.  I felt that it would be so dreadful for her if I got killed, especially as she was always the nervous type.  Later, when Germany surrendered, we thought that the war would be over for us.  But no, we were to be shipped off to Japan in August. Then the news came through that the Americans had dropped an atom bomb on Japan.  I jumped for joy. Now I would be able to go home!"."Each year, our veterans' association arranges for us to meet up with the German veterans.  Almost all of us go except for a few people who still feel bitter.  We always have a good time and we talk about a lot of subjects other than the war.  In those days, I could have slit their throats, but I've become a lot milder since then.  I don't think about all those deaths when we meet although I do visit the grave of my friend George, who drove onto a landmine in a forest in Germany.  He's buried there too.  I probably killed a couple of dozen Germans during the war, but it's never bothered me.  I don't think about it and it's something that I never dream about. That's not very human, is it?".. CHECK with MRM/FNA