The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Edward Szczerbinski (born 1926), a Polish veteran of World War II (WW2).  He was a soldier in the Polish Armoured Division.."I'm often invited to take part in liberation parades.  I love it when we ride through the streets on top of old army vehicles,  being cheered by thousands of people. But memories come flooding back as well, memories that I'd buried deeply.  The war is always in your head."."I hear the same thing from my old pals. One of them hit his wife so hard when he was dreaming that she was left with bruises.  Another made sounds in his sleep as if he were shooting.  My wife is afraid that the same thing will happen to me.  I just want to put it all behind me now.  I don't talk about it any more, but I get it out of my system by writing poems.  I recite them at remembrance ceremonies.  At the next big commemoration, I'll recite my poems for the last time. Then I will say goodbye to the war.".. CHECK with MRM/FNA