The Never-Ending War by Martin Roemers

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Baron Philipp von Boeselager (born 1917), a German veteran of World War II (WW2).  He became Field Marshall von Kluge's orderly in Smolensk, Russia.  ."In June 1942 we were informed that five Gypsies had received a 'Sonderbehandlung' ('special treatment') in the SS area of Ostland.  We didn't understand what this meant so we asked for an explanation.  The SS officer in charge told us that they had been ordered to kill Jews and Gypsies because they were enemies of the Reich.  Rumours were already circulating but this was the first time that I had been told directly that there were orders from above to kill Jews and Gypsies.  This was the turning point.  For me, becoming an officer did not mean committing war crimes. I joined Colonel Tresckow 's group of conspirators who were planning to kill Hitler.  I was by far the youngest.  As an orderly I have met Hitler four or five times. When I approached him, I always felt as if I were shrinking.  I never spoke with him, I simply shook his hand and said hello."."A few days before 20 July 1944, I left with 1,200 troops for an airport so that I could arrest the high command of the SS in Berlin.  But the attack failed and we returned to the front.  Almost all the conspirators were either arrested or committed suicide.  Right until the end of the war I was afraid that I too would be discovered.  In fact, on the day Germany capitulated, I threw the cyanide capsule that I always kept with me into the river."... CHECK with MRM/FNA