The Eyes of War by Martin Roemers

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Helene Boppert (b. Germany, 1938), blinded during the Second World War (WWII). "On February 24, 1945, the American bombs fell on our town. There were 65 dead. My father and both my brothers died. I was brought out of our burning house unconscious. I had broken both of my legs and almost lost my sight. I went to a regular school. I learned to write but when I wrote something I couldn't read it. This is why I couldn't take up a profession and was always a housewife. An eye doctor told me that I would eventually lose my eyesight entirely. I took that very badly and lived in fear for when that day would come. For eleven years now, I have been totally blind. I have accepted that, it doesn't do much good if you resist. You have to think: it could always be worse. I still have my husband. He takes walks with me and brings me along to parties and birthdays. He takes care of me.". CHECK with MRM/FNA