Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Regina Vereker, 31, stay at home mum from Uphall.<br />
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'I say red as my mum said Ginger is something you put in food. She was reddish brown, red also came from dad’s side with two uncles and two cousins and two nieces, but it tends to be the girls.'  <br />
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'I got picked on a lot at school but pretty standard insults. My older sister dyed it and now her hair is breaking off. I let it be and am relieved now that I did so. People keep asking to have it dyed red they can’t give them the exact colour.'<br />
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'Red hair makes you very quiet. You kept to yourself, last thing you want is ginger hair. I feel sad for my daughter as it might happen to her. Being noticed is the best and worst thing about it. You get compliments but I have had people walk away from me in the street.'  <br />
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'I used to live in London and you are definitely noticed more. Isla [daughter] gets really stared at so I am really protective of her. In Edinburgh, I feel more at home. In Scotland its easier to be ginger.'