Scotland: Gingers by Kieran Dodds

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Catriona Lynch, 36,  Accountant, from Dalgetty Bay.<br />
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'I call it African sunset or ginger or strawberry blonde.'<br />
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When I was three the hair dresser asked where did you get it?. I said I grew it on my head. I always have people commenting on it, if not daily. People asking Is that your real hair colour? You’re so lucky. People remember me because I am different. <br />
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Red heads have a reputation for being good lovers… It's my crowning glory, I have been told that by people, commented on it all the time. When the light hits it's lots of different colours. I have never dyed or permed. It's hard to colour, I have asked hairdressers and they are aghast at the suggestion - Why on earth?! People would kill to have your colour.'<br />
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'The thing I don’t like is the eyelashes are really pale. An ex-boyfriend called me babe, after the pig with no eyelashes.'  <br />
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'People say they don't care what their baby is like as long as it doesn't have red hair.'